Sunday, July 9, 2017

Court of Fives/Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott

    • Court of Fives and Poisoned Blade by Kate Elliott
    • Published August 18, 2015 and August 16, 2016
    • First and second books in the Court of Fives series 
      • The final book, Buried Heart, will be released in July
    • Other works by author include the Crown of Stars series, the Crossroads series, the Spiritwalker series and the Highroad series.

    • Jessamy's father is a Patron and has a Commoner mistress and five daughters who are thus mixed-race in this world.
    • She secretly competes in the popular game Court of Fives, a course of five sets of obstacles called Trees, Rings, Traps, Rivers and Pillars. Jessamy is a savant on the Fives field.
    • Political machinations ensue and Jessamy's parents are split apart, he to marry the great lord's niece and she and her other 4 daughters to be entombed in a mausoleum. Jessamy is taken to participate in the Court of Fives contests for the same great lord.
    • Her mother and sisters are rescued from their premature burial and eventually disappear. Jessamy tours the land, searching for her family. She has developed a relationship with Kalliarkos and a friendship with a Commoner poet whose name I forget, sorry.
    • Everything seems to be building towards a revolution of the Commoners rising up against the Patrons with Jessamy leading the way in book 3.

    • I liked the world-building and the bones of the story. A little more politics than I'd like but it doesn't have the usual "heroine torn between two guys" angle (yet) so that's a plus but I fear it's coming in book 3.
    • Her sisters and mother are interesting characters but aren't utilized as much overall until later in book 2.
    • I am looking forward to reading the conclusion next month.
    • Recommended for those who like young adult fantasy fiction, especially if you like female main characters.
    • Both ★ ★ ★ ★

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