Friday, January 6, 2017

That Julia Redfern by Eleanor Cameron

    • That Julia Redfern by Eleanor Cameron
    • Published November 1982
    • Book 3 in the Julia Redfern series

    • Julia Redfern, a 6-year-old girl living in Berkeley, California, circa 1918, continues her adventures in this book.
    • Her father is off to Europe as World War I rages. Spoiler: there's a reason Julia's mother is a widow in the books that take place after 1918.
    • Julia has an experience after a head injury that occurs approximately the same time as her father dies in action as a pilot. 
    • "That Julia Redfern!" is a constant comment made by Julia's friend's mother at Julia's childhood antics. The mother does not like that Julia gets her daughter into the same scrapes.

    • I liked this book because we get a peak at Julia's father, a dreamer who wants to be a writer and own a farm. Julia's mother is more practical.
    • Contrary to most book series, Eleanor Cameron wrote this series in reverse. The first book takes place in 1924, the second in 1923, this one in 1918. (I believe the next book takes place in 1917.)
      • In other words, going in you know Julia's father dies in the war.
      • The author said it was a fun writing challenge to fill in the blanks of Julia's history and add details to things only briefly touched on in the first volume.
    • The 4th book (Julia's Magic) takes Julia back another year and I am going to skip it. She will be 5 years old. Ugh.
    • The 5th book goes forward in time again until Julia is 15. Review coming soon!
    • Recommended for those who like stories about 6 year old girls.