Sunday, January 1, 2017

Book Club 2017

My friend Geneva and I were talking about classic books and how "maybe it was time to tackle something by Dickens". Geneva thought she might tackle Anthony Trollope's "Barchester Chronicles" instead, a series of 6 books, while I thought I might try Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

We're going to tackle both: Trollope in January AND Stevenson in February!

Geneva, a friend of mine from high school days, and I don't have tons of overlap in our book reading tastes but we do love a good chat together over tea about books!

The book for January is The Warden, book one in the "Barchester Chronicles". The "Barchester Chronicles", according to the Wikipedia article, "concern the dealings of the clergy and the gentry, and the political, amatory, and social maneuverings that go on among and between them."
  • Here's a blurb for the first book:
    • "The Warden" centers on Mr. Harding, a clergyman of great personal integrity who is nevertheless in possession of an income from a charity far in excess of the sum devoted to the purposes of the foundation. On discovering this, young John Bold turns his reforming zeal to exposing what he regards as an abuse of privilege, despite the fact that he is in love with Mr. Harding's daughter Eleanor.
For some of you this screams BOREDOM, I know! For some of us, it screams CLASSIC!  

[Special message to my CPA husband: It practically sounds like a book about an audit! Read it now!]

One thing about classic novels, they are all available for free or really cheap on e-book readers. Amazon had the entire 6-book set for free for Kindle. It's also available from Project Gutenberg for free. Your local library should also have copies if you prefer physical books. 

We will intersperse the Trollope books every other month with other classics still to be determined. (Stay tuned!)

If you would like to participate in one or more of the books, please do and consider sharing your opinion about the book in the comments. Guest posts (or a guest paragraph or guest sentence or guest thumbs up or down) are most welcome!

I will write up my usual review in the usual format but I will try to get some more information on the author posted too.

It's also totally okay if you start reading one of the book club selections and then decide the book is not for you. We use the term DNF: did not finish. Life is too short to read a book you aren't enjoying! (Unless you need to read it for a class, of course. Then you're stuck.)

Join us, won't you? 

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