Monday, December 12, 2016

A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston

    • A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
    • Published October 11, 2016
    • First book by author

    • Bryan Cranston is an actor known for the following roles:
      • An original cast member of the soap opera "Loving"
      • Playing dentist Tim Whatley in several "Seinfeld" episodes
      • As the dad Hal in the Fox sitcom "Malcolm in the Middle"
      • Walter White in AMC's "Breaking Bad"
      • Portraying LBJ in both the play and film of "All the Way"
      • Dalton Trumbo in the film "Trumbo"
    • He covers his childhood --- not a happy one with a father who abandoned the family to an alcoholic mother coping with being left alone with 3 children to raise.
    • His job history from youth to award-winning actor is a large part of the book, and he also shares stories of his romances and ultimate happy marriage.
    • He shares his tips on acting and life throughout.
    • The "parts" refers to his roles in acting jobs as well as son, brother, friend, husband and father.

    • This was a quick read but interesting and cohesive.  It skips around a bit but is basically chronological.
    • There aren't tons of anecdotes about "Breaking Bad". A behind-the-scenes book about that series, this is not. In other words, his role on "Loving" is given equal weight in the anecdote department. Mr. Cranston is an equal opportunity anecdote teller!
      • Perhaps he will write a future book on "Breaking Bad" eventually to satisfy all the avid fans.
      • I only watched the first few episodes of "Breaking Bad" when it began. If I recall correctly it was touted as a dark comedy rather than the meaty drama it became.
        • I didn't find it to be a dark comedy and stopped watching --- silly me --- but always kept an eye on the plot. Someday I will binge watch it all.
    • If you like Bryan Cranston -- and who doesn't? --- then you will enjoy this book about his life.

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