Friday, November 18, 2016

Mr. Bass's Planetoid by Eleanor Cameron

    • Mr. Bass's Planetoid by Eleanor Cameron
    • Published 1958
    • Other books by the author include 4 other Mushroom Planet books and many other books for children.
    • Book 1: The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet (review here)
    • Book 2: Stowaway to the Mushroom Planet (review here)

    • Mr. Prewytt Brumblydge has invented the Brumblitron and it may destroy Earth.
    • Dr. Frobisher needs help finding Brumblydge. Mr. Tyco Bass, a long-time friend of Dr. Frobisher's, is still off traveling the Universe and can't help, and that causes David and Chuck make plans to search for Mr. Brumblydge from a small Earth-orbiting rock named Lepton. Then they plan to stop him and his dangerous weapon.
    • We are introduced to "infragreen" technology and the (fictional) element Brumblium.
    • SPOILER: It's not a weapon after all! It's a device to convert saltwater to fresh water. Oops!

    • Another cute story with David and Chuck and their handy-dandy rocket.
    • My only complaint was that Dr. Frobisher, the boss of Horatio Peabody in the last book, never once mentions his erstwhile assistant.
      • I understand this as these stories need to be standalone volumes with minimal reference to prior books but I wanted to know if Dr. Frobisher sacked Mr. Peabody!
    • I still love how the adults just go with the flow and allow the boys to travel into space.
    • Two more books to go!
    • Recommended for science fiction readers of middle school age and up.