Thursday, August 18, 2016

Lexicon by Max Barry

    • Lexicon by Max Barry
    • Published June 18, 2013
    • Other novels by author include Company, Syrup and Jennifer Government.
      • Jennifer Government, which takes place in a future world where employees take the last name of the company they work for, sounds like fun. I may check it out from the library.

    • A teenager named Emily is recruited into attending a school where the students learn to persuade people based on their psychological category. There are over 200 categories. And "persuasion" is really just a euphemism for "coerce".
      • It's not magic they learn but the power of words. Various syllables put together in a string of nonsense words cause people to do the bidding of the poets, as school graduates are called.
    • Meanwhile, a man named Wil is attacked and taken on the run from poets who think he knows the most powerful word of all.
    • The two stories converge.

    • A book with a school for gifted students is always a draw for me. In flashbacks we learn the backstory of both Emily and Wil. Sometimes these are confusing chronologically.
    • Words are like magic, there are narrow escapes and wild shootouts, the characters mysterious motives are revealed slowly and there's a love story interspersed among it all.
    • The ending is a tiny bit confusing and the character who causes most of the mayhem is somewhat of a cypher but overall I really enjoyed the book.
    • Recommended for those who like action-packed narratives with an almost magical element involved. 
    • When I wrote this post I accidentally hit "publish" right after I typed the title so there may be a fragment post somewhere on the Web.