Friday, August 12, 2016

Anatomy of Evil by Will Thomas

    • Anatomy of Evil by Will Thomas
      • Book 7 in the Barker & Llewelyn Mysteries series
    • Published May 12, 2015
    • Other books by author: The first six books in the series, all of which I've read.

    • The series takes place in London of the 1880s. The narrator is Thomas Llewelyn, 24 years old and assistant of Cyrus Barker, a private enquiry agent.
    • This particular book takes place in Autumn 1888 as Jack the Ripper strikes. Barker & Llewelyn are temporarily hired by Scotland Yard in order to find the killer.

    • The case of Jack the Ripper has never been solved so I was curious how the author would handle the mystery for Barker & Llewelyn always solve their cases!
    • My library did not have a copy of this for the longest time and only had the first 4 mysteries in the system. I made a request but the library never tells you the result. You just need to keep checking the catalog. I thought this one might be interesting to readers in general because there is a large body of fiction dealing with Jack the Ripper.
    • I enjoy these books immensely. The characters are interesting and entertaining. They would make a wonderful TV series.
    • Recommended for those who like mysteries, especially those taking place in London, and for those who are interested in Victorian England.
    • Book 8, Hell Bay, is due out in October. The plot sounds reminiscent of Agatha Christie's Ten Little Indians. I'm getting ready to make another library request!