Saturday, July 30, 2016

Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase

    • Black Rabbit Hall by Eve Chase
    • Published February 9, 2016
    • First novel of the author

    • Black Rabbit Hall is the country home, located in Cornwall, owned by the Alton family. 
    • It opens in the summer 1968 with the four children --- Amber and Toby, both 15, Barney, 6, and Kitty, 3 --- spending summer at the house with their parents.
    • A death occurs early on and everything changes, especially the following summer.
    • Meanwhile, 30 years later, Lorna wants to find a spot for her wedding and seems drawn to Black Rabbit Hall. Why?

    • I enjoyed the novel and, even though I had part of the story figured out early on, I was not sure how it would come to be until the end.
    • A (brief) portrayal of idyllic family life in Cornwall? Another of my reading pleasures so this book appealed to me immediately.
    • My only real quibble was that some of the actions of the brother Toby were glossed over. He performs a few actions that would have him hauled into a therapist's office in 2016 but would have been discreetly ignored in 1968/1969 so it's not implausible.
    • The ending was satisfying.
    • Recommended for readers who enjoy mysteries and/or stories that take place in Cornwall.