Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The Passenger by Lisa Lutz

    • The Passenger by Lisa Lutz
    • Published March 1, 2016
    • Other books by the author: the six books of the Spellman series of mysteries (I read the first book).

    • A woman finds her husband dead at the bottom of the stairs (not a spoiler as this starts the book) and even though she has nothing to do with his death she goes on the run, changing her identity as she goes.
    • She's running from something that happened 10 years ago in her hometown.
    • Bits of the story are doled out over the course of the novel, including e-mails between her and a person named Ryan, as she continues to run, run, run. Until she decides to return to her hometown and quit running.

    • The mystery was not clearly telegraphed until the end so that part was satisfying enough. One "twist" was super obvious though.
    • If you needed to flee and create a new life how do you do it in these times when you need I.D. and a Social Security number to get a job? A driver's license? 
    • Some things were somewhat implausible. To create identities she steals wallets and dead women's names and squats in empty homes but then all of a sudden her petty crime turns to major crime. There's assault, murder, and arson.
    • A quick read and the story does propel you forward but it's ultimately unsatisfying.