Monday, February 8, 2016

Seventy-Seven Clocks by Christopher Fowler

This is the 3rd book in the Peculiar Crimes Unit mysteries featuring detectives Bryant & May. I will read a bunch of other things before I continue the series. The first book and second book were quite enjoyable and I really enjoyed this book as well.

Mysteries are difficult to say much about without spoiling anything so this will be short and sweet!

    • Seventy-Seven Clocks by Christopher Fowler
    • Published November 29, 2005

    • In this case I think a blurb from the cover will suffice: "Art vandalism, an exploding suspect, pornography, rat poison, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, secret societies…and not a single suspect in sight. Detectives John May and Arthur Bryant may have finally met their match, and this time they’re really working against the clock…"
    • The prologue has Arthur Bryant recount the case to his biographer and then the story flashes back to December 1973.
    • And like all Peculiar Crime Unit mysteries it takes place in London. As I like to say, what's not to love?!